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sheri pallas

Sheri Pallas, Author of “Man Has Ruined God: My Journey Out of Religion and Into the Arms of God”

     “Man Has Ruined God” is a detailed account of what Sheri learned in leaving religion and finding the unconditional Love of God. Her life and journey are the reasons why her passion became writing “Man Has Ruined God.”

     Sheri’s was raised by two people on opposite sides of the spectrum. Divorcing when she was two, Sheri’s mother became an Evangelical, Bible College Graduate, speaking-in-tongues, record-burning Christian. Her Father went on to become a high-profile drug dealer, who was once nominated to be the Grand Dragon of the KKK; he destroyed thousands of lives including those of his 6 ex-wives and 3 children.

Outward appearances would lead one to assume that one of her parents was clearly good and one was obviously bad.

Ironically, they were equally dogmatic in their judgments, and they both lived a life full of fear and hate.

     “Saved” at the age of six, Sheri attended a Christian school from the second to tenth grade. While her education was above par in English, Math, and Biblical History, there were gaping holes in the curriculum.

      For example, her only history book was the Bible and the science was exclusively creationism — any deviations from these beliefs were diminished as baseless hypotheses.


“What anyone believes about the beginning of things rests on Faith, not science” ~ One of Sheri’s “Science” book

     Her family attended church three times a week and had regular Bible studies at home. While it all appeared blissful from the outside, because of religion her life was full of shame, condemnation, and exclusion. Sheri grew up surrounded by hypocrisy: fake smiles that insinuated perfection, which were really only covering up lonely, tumultuous lives.

The message that always lacking was the one of God’s absolute love, for everyone and everything. All she ever heard was: “God will only love you if ….”

     As soon as Sheri was out from under parental control, she turned away from the Church and consequently, God. She wanted no part of the “God” that religion represented.

Sheri spent her childhood being educated with bias, indoctrinated by half-truths, and having faith without logic. Like millions of others, she just turned away from God.

However, she still longed for a Being that only a few spoke of, One full of love, forgiveness, compassion and inclusion.

     Through extensive research, prayer, reflection, and personal experiences, Sheri began to realize that the god represented in religion was distorted by man’s limited understanding and knowledge.

     Throughout history, sanctimonious judgments, prejudices, and political agendas consecrated the divide between the god created by man, and the truth of a Higher Power.

Sheri discovered that God is much greater than the limitations man has concocted.

     As documented in “Man Has Ruined God” once she started asking questions and searching for answers that lead to a more truthful history, rabbit holes began to open, then more and then more.

     Throughout this journey, Sheri had to set aside what she knew (from a lifetime of indoctrination) for the facts.

     While her journey was long and arduous, she can now offer her insight, as well as a hand, to help others in their own spiritual quest.

Sheri Pallas, Author of “Man Has Ruined God: My Journey Out of Religion and Into the Arms of God”