Welcome to Man Has Ruined God!

Organized Religion is the P.R. Agent for God and needs to be fired! More people have been killed “in the name of God” than anything else in history, including all the natural disasters, combined! All because everyone thinks only they know the true path to God.

Humanity has accepted our differences in languages, traditions, fashion, even shampoo, but when it comes to God, Religion insists that one size must fit all. When it doesn’t fit, the result is isolation, indignation, violent oppression, or often times, death.

For the most part, Religious Leaders have only furthered their own aristocratic priorities and attempted to control the population through fear, intimidation, and political control.

Man Has Ruined God: My Journey out of the Church and Into the Arms of God is part memoir, part narrative,  detailing what I learned as I left religion, and returned to Love.

Man Has Ruined God tackles the tough questions that I had and so many others are also facing.  Some examples include:  What exactly is a sin?  What about homosexuality? What is God’s religion? Where do Science and God meet? And how come everything dies?  The story of this journey and the lessons learned intend to provide answers, clarity, and understanding for those looking to embark on their own mission to Truth.

By bringing all of the Sages, Scholars, Gurus, Scientists, and Theologians together, Man Has Ruined God attempts to form a more thorough picture of God. This book will open minds through education: by providing examples and evidence that God is not the scary, volatile man portrayed in religion.

Millions of people are walking away from religion. In the US alone, more than 77 Million people now consider themselves as non-religious – a 50% increase in only 20 years. Man Has Ruined God speaks to this group, establishing a foundation for a philosophical divide between religion and God.

Man Has Ruined God Exposes the human flaws in religion that diminish the pure, unconditional love of God.

Religion constrains God.

Man Has Ruined God is about God without constraints.